March 5, 2010

Google’s starred search results is annoying

Google's starred search results is annoying

Google recently introduced displaying starred search results along with regular results in order to better personalize the searching experience.

Although well-intentioned, I find this rather annoying. I already have a whole bunch of Google Bookmarks saved and now they show up in most of my searches. I have yet to find a single instance where this was relevant to my search. I have been using Google bookmarks for a couple years now and I have some very old bookmarks in there that I don’t visit anymore, but do not want to delete either. When these show up on the top of my search results – the place where I am expecting to find the most relevant search hit – it is quite frankly very annoying. Google should keep the bookmarking and the starring system as separate entities. Or at least give us an option to turn off the ability to show starred/bookmarked results directly in Google search results. I mean, if I wanted to search my Google bookmarks, I can do that through the Google bookmarks site. I don’t want my regular results being cluttered with that too!

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